Canon RF 14-35mm f4/L Lens Announced

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Indeed ,,,

G Dickson wrote:

People can go on about astigmatism and nano coatings and the extra 2mm, but when a lens as good as the 16-35 F4 exists, the pricing on this is ridiculous. It's really about time sigma and tamron entered the fray here. It's all just another reason to be thankful for the good old EF to RF adapter

Indeed. For those of us without unlimited funds (or that already own the 16-35 4L IS) this thing just doesn't make sense. I've got the 16-35 and while I'd certainly welcome a similar lens that is more compact and weighs less the differential is too much. I figured if I sold my 16-35 it would still cost me over $1K to upgrade.

Similarly I've also got the 70-200 4L IS V1 and have been wanting to upgrade to the RF version. That's also a $1K+ proposition. Now in that case, the upgrade is more compelling. IQ of the EF lens is fine. The RF lens is significantly shorter and lighter but unfortunately does not take TCs. Canon giveth and Canon taketh away I guess.

I was just about to plunk down the cash for the 70-200 but now I really have to think over if I want to shoot Canon RF gear. I'd also like to upgrade my R camera body but again Canons body prices are equally rediculous. The sum total for going RF is just getting too much. Even among FF gear Canon is the most expensive. It's hard to see it being worth the cost anymore for what is just a hobby for me.

I guess FF cameras are now just for pros or VERY deep pocketed amateurs. A basic camera and 3 F4 zoom lens setup now costs $6900 (R6+14-35+24-105+70-200). I've spent a lot of money on camera gear over the years but this is starting to look rediculous and none of that gear is top tier, just the middle ground between low end consumer and top tier.

Maybe I'll just sell everything, get the next iphone, and be done with all these headaches (partly serious)

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