Mixed Lighting Indoors - Custom White Balance & Flash

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Re: Mixed Lighting Indoors - Custom White Balance & Flash

rawhudsstudios wrote:

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask how you tackle shooting indoors with multiple light sources, adding flash to the scene and setting a custom white balance to ensure accurate colors are recorded.

1. Are you able to do a custom white balance by shooting a gray card w/ the flash on to get an accurate white balance for the final photo?

2. If setting a custom white balance w/ all the light sources w/ flash included, are gels still required or can you just shoot w/ the custom white balance that has been set in camera?

3. If you have a custom white balance set and still require a gel, how do you determine what gel to put on? Will that primarily be determined by the dominant light source falling on the subject?

Depends on what you're wanting. If, for instance, you're wanting a living room with the furniture in daylight colors but still showing the warm glow of 3200k bulbs in the lamps then you choose a daylight or flash color balance (or custom flash balance if you want to fine tune), but if you want the lighting to be the same then you need either to put CB filters over your flashes or change out the 3200k bulbs in the lamps for 5k bulbs instead.

As for which gel, unless you have a color meter you just come as close as you can and then fine tune the color in post.

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