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Re: It would be a huge mistake

Souciantmag wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Yet another MILC from Pentax is not more interesting than the alternatives, except maybe if Pentax makes a MILC with a super duper adapter making it possible to use legacy lenses fully. But, you then have to remember that the Pentax MILC then is several years behind the competition. Might take many years to come up to speed.

Personally, I can't see any way of them avoiding doing exactly what you suggest. I have a huge investment in Pentax glass, and that would be the buy-in for me.

Nikon has done well with Z-mount adapter, according to colleagues who've ported their old lenses over. There's no reason it can't be done by Ricoh. It would make perfect sense.

I do think there would need to be some clear roadmap for lenses native to whatever new mount. I do have both Nikon DSLR (D850, D500) and  MILC (Z7). I see the adapter as a great feature for some expensive lenses I could not afford to replace in retirement, a nice feature for using a few of my rarely used F mount lenses, and as a stopgap measure spreading the cost of acquiring new native lenses that I can afford over time. I do not think Pentax users would be any happier longterm needing an adapter to mount any lens. And then, there is the issue of limited third party support that both Pentax and Nikon users complain about.

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