Problems with"Mail" program pn my iMac

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Re: Problems with"Mail" program pn my iMac

A personal experience. Perhaps there are parallels to what the OP's solution might be.

For years and years, I was using a "legacy" email address from att, which eventually sold out of the ISP business here in CT.

However, the email address (which was routed through servers) kept on working, so I kept using it. It was a "POP" type account.

Yahoo had been making noises that everyone needed to change to IMAP. But the POP setup kept working, so I kept using it.

Then, one day, it quit working.

I found that I could still use my address using yahoo's "web-based" mail interface, but I wanted to keep using Apple mail.

The solution was to backup my mail (to both backup drives and by creating "on my Mac" mailboxes in
Then, I DELETED my existing email account in
Finally, I used the (new to me) "Internet Accounts" pane in System Preferences to re-create the email account (still using my original email address), which was now an IMAP account.

I was able to re-import some emails, but nearly everything "came through" the account re-creation without problems.

I had to learn how to "handle" email using IMAP (a pain at first), but things are better now...

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