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Re: Biggest Print Size for apsc

Hmmm. No response from the OP in 4 days, but I'll respond anyway.

You have received lots of good information in the previous responses. The bottom line is unless you are planning to make really, really huge prints any modern camera is good enough, but having a good sharp image to start with is essential.

Here is a case in point... the original image shown below is a deep crop (2.6 megapixels) from a 20.9 megapixel APS-C camera. (The file shown has been down-sized further for display on the web.)

A few hours ago, I printed this image at 11 inches x14 inches and it looks great even with your nose on the print.

Wanting to push the limits, I then printed it at 16 inches x 20 inches. Looking closely at this print, one can begin to see some mild artifacts . However, the larger print looks just fine from normal viewing distance (say 24 inches or farther away).

In both cases I simply printed from Lightroom after my normal (fairly minimal) processing.

The image in question can be found here:

Sorry for the link. For some reason DPR is not letting me insert the image into the post this evening... very annoying.

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