Help finding a pocketable camera body + vintage glass with small adaptor

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Re: Help finding a pocketable camera body + vintage glass with small adaptor

Wabznasm wrote:

I have come seeking help!

I have a gen 1 sony alpha 7 that i absolutely love, but I've found myself reaching for it less and less these days, and i end up just taking crappy iphone photos all the time instead. Mainly because of the bulk of taking it out i suppose?

it makes me really sad, and I really want to get back into the habit of taking a real camera out with me more often.

I constantly find myself thinking back to how much fun i had with my NEX 5 / Super Takumar 55 1.8 combo, and how something like that could help me break my dumb rut.

The one problem with that combo that always bugged me was the need for an adaptor that was bigger than the lens was itself. I know that is more or less needed for the size of the sensor, but i've come here to see if there's another way...

but i would love to know if anyone has recommendations for finding a good combination out there for

  • a cute, small (pocketable?) camera body from the last 10 years or so. (i've been eyeing up some old lumix bodies like the GM1)
  • a buttery smooth fast vintage lens, like the takumar, that has an almost over the top DOF
  • that only requires a tiny slim little adaptor to use them together
  • (and ideally nothing crazy pricey)

~Alternatively something that has native options, or i suppose even a super compat camera with a built glass that i can mess about with in the same fun manual kinda way??

Hoping someone out there has some ideas and can help get me back into the game again, and away from the iphone trap!

thank you

Panasonic GM5 + Panasonic 12-32mm pancake will give you the smallest size.

A legacy prime + adapter will be fairly large.

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