Tripod height question

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Re: Tripod height question

PerTulip wrote:

FRGorga wrote:

....the more it will cost.


Carbon fiber helps with the weight but costs more.


One thing I will never get: people with the newest cameras and 600mm superteles trying to save money by going cheap on the tripod. A good, sturdy and light (as possible) tripod is not cheap, but will outlast your next 3 DSLRs.

I agree and use an early set of carbon fiber legs from Giotto with a Wimberly and a 600 mm f/4 myself.

That said, I used an set of aluminum legs for many years before carbon fiber legs were available and they work just fine. Furthermore, if you actually look at the weight savings of carbon vs aluminum for the whole rig (camera, lens head and legs) the weight saving with carbon is quite modest.

Anyway, I was just laying out the options for the OP so that they (not you or I) can make an informed decision. Everyone has different priorities and limits.

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