UV filters, unscientific test

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It's an emotional difference

Mark B. wrote:

mcsk wrote:

So all your camera lenses are self-cleaning, can instantly put their own caps on, and are capable of healing?

Front lens elements on good lenses are incredibly tough. Much tougher than many photographers give them credit for.

Typically the biggest difference a filter makes is emotional.  Some people feel more comfortable if they have a protective filter on the front of their lens.  Some worry that extra glass in the optical path might degrade the image.

In the real world, your lens will most likely be fine without a filter, and your image quality will likely be fine with a filter.  There are exceptions to both of these, but they are not typical.

If filters make you more comfortable, use them.  If they bother you, then avoid them.

There is no need to try to make a technical justification for either position.  The protective or image quality differences are so minor in most cases, that they can safely be ignored.  The emotional difference is usually great enough to justify whichever you decide.  There is nothing wrong with spending money in order to make yourself feel better.

Remember, if you don't like filters, you probably think they cost more than the likely repair they are preventing.  If you do like filters, you think you save money as the filter costs less than the repairs they prevent.  Both sides think they are coming out ahead financially.

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