UV filters, unscientific test

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Re: UV filters, unscientific test

Futax wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

I don't use them and I believe they are unnecessary these days. But not everyone agrees with me.

Why? Because salt spray and dust storms don't exist any more?

Few hobbyists are going to go out shooting in a dust storm.  As for salt spray, whether you get it on the filter or lens element it needs to be cleaned off - unless you have half a dozen (or however many you need) filters on hand to keep changing them.  A couple years ago I shot at an air show over the beach with my Canon 100-400 f/4-5.5 L protected by only the lens hood.  It was breezy that day, so I did have to clean the front element a few times.  I used Zeiss Lens Wipes so as not to use the same cleaning cloth twice.  No visible harm to the element at all.


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