Fantastic Lens for price.

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Re: Fantastic Lens for price.

DankCO wrote:

tobicy68 wrote:

When shopping for a macro lens, assuming full frame and 3rd party, there's basically four major choices. This Tokina 100mm, Tamron 90mm, Sigma 105mm and Sigma 70mm. What's the recommendation and how did you conclude and land on with the Tokina?

In general from reading reviews, all four look decent, in the end is it just which ever is cheapest go for that one?

I read reviews and watched I don't know how many videos' on some these lenses. For me it came down to lens performance vs price. I chose this one because I can use it as a macro 1.1 or as a 100mm prime. Either way it renders excellent detail.

Out of all the Macro lenses in this ranges, 90-105mm the Tokina i think also is best value for sure. Image quality is as good as any of the others.

The only think the Tokina lacks compared to the others is VR/OS/VC - To me this is no loss as the lens is easy to hand hold due to its size and weight...

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