Jupiter 9 m42 version only close focus on A7

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Re: Jupiter 9 m42 version only close focus on A7

ayylmao wrote:

I think I do see what appears to be an adapter now that I'm looking for it, how I missed it earlier remains a mystery. The mount has two notches on the side that have some tool marks on them. Fingernails and regular twisting weren't enough to pry the thing off. I think one of those lens tools may be necessary, assuming it can even be removed at this point.

A a lens spanner, pipe wrench, or channel-lock plyers will or should be able to remove the adapter easily assuming they didn't use thread locker or glue to secure it, wrap the threads with string to protect the threads if you intend on keeping the adapter.

If they did use a thread locker, heat the adapter ring with a soldering iron or lighter to break the bond,

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