UV filters, unscientific test

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Re: Try it with a much longer lens

sybersitizen wrote:

With filterRegardless, the point I wish to make here is that any sharpness degradation caused by a filter will be most apparent at much longer focal lengths. I wasn't convinced that focal length mattered in that regard until I did my own testing with some poor filters.

I would have guessed it's the other way around: less apparent at longer focal lengths. Kind of like the transition zone of a hard-edged grad filter.

In my own tests of static, flat subjects, filters do not degrade sharpness to any visible degree, even if stacked. And I pixel-peep. A lot.

My own reason for using a modern filter with coatings is because it is so much easier to wipe off than the front elements that haven't been Fluorine coated (or Canon's equivalent of that)

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