UV filters, unscientific test

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Re: Try it with a much longer lens

sybersitizen wrote:

s4myd wrote:

... I actually have been quite surprised by the results I got with my Sony A7 III + 85mm 1.8 combo ... In terms of sharpness, I can't notice any loss even with the entry-level filter, very surprising.

85mm is one data point. Do you have longer lenses, say in the 300mm range? Test those. If sharpness is still unimpaired even then, you know you have a good filter.

Here's a recent test I did with a low quality front filter on a decent 55-300mm lens. The degradation caused by the filter is so bad that I took three shots to confirm it wasn't caused by camera shake even though the camera and lens were secured and I used the self-timer:

No filter

With filter (1)

With filter (2)

With filter (3)

There isn't that much visible degradation using the same filter at around 55mm, though.

Can you be sure that there wasn't at least some breeze? A target fixed to a wall would have been a better test.

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