Note of Caution / Information re GFX 100 V4 firmware update

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Rand 47
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Re: Note of Caution / Information re GFX 100 V4 firmware update

cortex95x wrote:

Rand 47 wrote:

Just updated my GFX 100 successfully, BUT.

Be aware that it “may” put your camera in P mode (Program mode) during the update.

A friend of mine (David Brookover) has two GFX 100 bodies, and it did it to both of his.

I just updated mine and it did it to mine, as well.

Easy enough to hit the shooting mode button to put back to your preferred mode, but David and I were both a bit flummoxed, wondering if something more serious was amiss.


Hi Rand,

I had the same experience, and noted that many of my settings had been changed to factory default.


I don’t use the Custom Settings, but it did reset my Q menu to factory default.  All my other settings, from the main menus, were left intact.  It also doesn’t seem to “default” to the MY MENU when you press the the OK/Menu button.  The behavior seems to have been changed to go to “where you last were” as opposed to MY MENU.   I don’t like it, but I can understand why they did it.


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