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Re: Tripod height question

River Birch wrote:

My father is purchasing a tripod to use with a 600 mm lens. He needs help figuring out how high of a tripod he should get. He figured out how high it should be based on his eye level looking straight ahead. Should he purchase a tripod to adjusts taller so that he can tilt the tripod up without leaning over too much? Will the camera and lens be stable enough on not fully extended legs?

He should buy the tallest, sturdiest tripod that he can afford and that he is willing to carry (in terms of weight).

For super telephoto work one needs a really sturdy tripod. A tall tripod is useful for pointing the lens up as you suggest. However, it is more useful for adapting the tripod to uneven ground. One can also always shorten the legs if needed.

Tall and sturdy have two down sides... the weight and the cost. The stronger and sturdier the tripod the more it will weigh and the more it will cost.

Of course, having an outfit (including a tripod) that is too heavy to carry the distances you want to walk to find subjects is essentially useless.

Carbon fiber helps with the weight but costs more.

Thus, there are decisions involved that only he can make. After decisions are made look at any of the brand names, they are all good.

Hope this response is useful,

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