Just how much better is the latest AF vs the AF in the A7III?

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Re: Just how much better is the latest AF vs the AF in the A7III?

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I generally only shoot in aperture priority so only having 1 useful control dial is no big deal for me. I'm more concerned about the ergonomics of the smaller bodies than the controls.

If you really want to take advantage of the smaller bodies, you should also use smaller lenses and there are not too many of them in the Sony system, unless you want to adapt lenses originally meant for rangefinder cameras (Voigtländer has equipped some of their rangefinder lenses with FE mounts, for others you need an adapter) or use the smaller Chinese MF lenses, some of which are OK and some are not.

I think there are a lot more small + light FE lenses today than ever before. Back when I shot Sony FE the first time I was using a lot of adapted glass and the only 35s I liked were F/1.4s. But I got a taste of the lighter glass with the Samyang 45 and liked it. There are a lot more options like that now.

My other concern with the A7III... especially used.... is build quality. Maybe those shutter concerns are overblown but I'm still leery. I feel like the newer A6600 might be more robust.

There have been a lot of talk about lesser robustness of Sony bodies but always from users of other brands who have only held a Sony in their hands briefly in a camera shop. The comment has been covering a range from slight concerns to blatant cries of "plastic toys". But note how few posts we have seen of Sony cameras actually breaking/dying. People like our forum member Magnar have been using them for years outdoors in a cold and moist climate (Norway near the polar circle) without issues. I have never had any issues either.

As for the A7III shutter issues, it was revealed by accident when Lens Rentals took a number of A7III cameras apart as a routine procedure. The cameras worked well enough with the issue (one broken bolt out of four holding the shutter assembly together if I remember correctly).

I'm talking about a different shutter issue- basically the shutters shattering well before their actuation rating. It's enough of a problem that there's a class action lawsuit:

Sony Sued: Class-Action Lawsuit Says a7 III Shutter is Bricking Cameras | PetaPixel

The issue you're speaking of is related to the IBIS I think and is no issue. It wasn't revealed "by accident" though. I think you are being a bit too defensive.

You are right. I mixed up the. two. BTW, do you know if the court accepted to take on the class lawsuit. There has been silence the last couple of months.

FWIW, I once stumbled and accidently slammed my A7S down onto the cobble stones with considerable force. The paint showed the abuse, but it only took a removal and reinsert of the battery to have the camera work normally again with no issues afterwards.

Maybe you just got lucky.

Oh, I definately was lucky too. But a "plastic toy" wouldn't have survived it.

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