nVidia graphics cards and Topaz DeNoise

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Re: nVidia graphics cards and Topaz DeNoise

About a month ago, I read up on this thread (in addition to other tech resources) from the very beginning to help me understand what specs I should be building up or ordering for a new system. My 9-yr old PC has become painfully slow after I started using AI-based software particularly Topaz Sharpen, Denoise, Mask, Gigapixel and Luminar early this year. Considering availability, cost and future-proofing (if there's such a thing these days), I decided on Alienware (I'm not a gamer but a system can be customized and readily shipped/available sooner than if I were to build one.) Plus overall comparative cost is similar if not cheaper due to a discount. So today, I just received my new unit and I went back to this thread to compare my findings.

Using the methodology described earlier here by Ho72: (i.e. Topaz Sharpen but ver 3.1.2 and Auto settings (S:72 N:47, which are higher) on the same raw file - car radio console). Also used Out of Focus and Very Blurry settings which gave the best image.

Old System: i7-3770K, 32GB RAM GTX 670 2 GB VRAM 1TB SSD SATA3

Processing: about 15 min using CPU and high memory; about 9 minutes using GPU and high memory

New System: Ryzen 9 5950X (not OC), 64 GB RAM RTX 3060Ti 8 GB VRAM 1TB NVMe SSD

Processing: about 90 seconds using CPU and high memory (about 50 % utilization only); 6 seconds using GPU (about 50% utilization only) and high memory.

Needless to say I am impressed with my new system and if needed someday, I will upgrade the video card (after prices have come down to normal that is). Now it's time to install/activate the SSD's, transfer my huge photo library and 'revisit' them.

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