GM 14 initial test, rear filter usage and sample images

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Re: GM 14 initial test, rear filter usage and sample images

aSevenArr wrote:

The G 12..24 is a surprisingly good lens - actually on the same optical level as the GM 12..24 - especially at 14 mm.

I had tested the G 12..24 vs the GM 16..35 and in the overlapping areas between 16 and some 20ish mm it is better at similar apertures.

Maybe I ave got an extremely good copy - which I doubt.

The 16-35 GM is stellar in my experience.. it only falls down just a little at the 35mm end.

The TDP 16-35 GM vs 12-24 G @f4.0 and 16mm

The TDP 14/1.8 GM @f1.8 vs 12-24 G @f4.0 and 14mm

To my eye, 14mm GM at f1.8 is as sharp as 12-24 G at f4.0 that former is 2+1/3 stop faster, no comparison.

But if you stop down just slightly all of the very slight mushiness at 35 instantly clears up and the results are once more very sharp.

I saw a review back at the time ... I went for the GM WA zoom for the longer reach 35mm end and also the fact that the 12-24 can't accept any filters.

Incidentally ... is it possible that you simply got a bad copy of the 14 ? Just a thought.

He must got a bad copy of 14 GM and excellent copy of 12-24 G but as we have seen many times in his so-called confirmation-bias oriented comparison for mainly justification of personal choice.

From all creditable reviews, 14 GM is excellent and clearly superior to 12-24 G @14mm.

I will get 14 GM to complement 16-35 GM when I have chance in astrophotography.

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