Anyone try the new RR Big Bend Baryta Paper?

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Re: Anyone try the new RR Big Bend Baryta Paper?

jrkliny wrote:

1. Do some research and you will quickly find that almost all papers, including photo papers contain some OBAs. You should have no issue finding reports of positive OBA testing for your Canson and H papers. By definition a baryta paper is whitened with a surface coating of barium sulfate. Don't worry about a trace of OBAs in baryta or any other paper. You are just fooling yourself.

Sorry, you are just wrong about OBA content and effect.

2. Before you trust longevity data go beyond supposed creds and ego and find out if the "researcher" has validated their methods. Find out if they even know what that means, if they have done replicate studies to validate the method, and find out if they include quality control materials in each test batch. I was literally shocked to learn the answers were no, no, no and no for one such individual!!!

Print longevity is affected by many factors from heat, light, moisture, ozone, etc.  One has to use the best information available and all longevity tests are accelerated approximations.

3. A Giotto rocket blower is designed to put out a small gentle puff of air which will not harm a sensor or delicate mirror and shutter parts. If you think that works to blow lint and debris from large sheets of photo paper, you are welcome to it. I have put many thousands of sheets through my printer and the rollers and insides are still clean. I want to keep it that way.

The rocket blower works fine and my experience with papers differs than yours.   My personal preference is to not print on papers with OBA’s and yours is not to use rag papers.  It’s for the users to decide their preferences and decide what is important for their work.  That’s why there are so many different media , inks, and choices available.  Best wishes.

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