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JayPhizzt wrote:

mostlyboringphotog wrote:

JayPhizzt wrote:

I've said it countless times and I'll say it again: the main differences between sensors and sensor sizes are resolution, noise and dynamic range. With a larger sensor you generally get less noise at high ISO, more dynamic range and potentially a higher resolution. Aside from these things it's the lens that matters the most for IQ and there are of course excellent lenses available for all systems. Sadly, so many people seem to live in the myth that a larger sensor will always yield better results. - bold added

Allow me to quibble a bit - I do think that a larger sensor will always yield better result for the similar camera technology. Less noise, more DR and larger FOV - it's simply the physics; it's not a myth.

If the "better" result matters or not is what the most argument goes round and round. Such argument reminds me of if the tree fell and no one heard the sound, did it make sound fallacy.

With the availability of high MP, mirrorless FF that comes close to a 4/3rd size and weight seems to argue for some reconsideration, if one is so inclined.

To claim because I do not see the difference, the difference does not matter seems to be somewhat short sighted, imho.

Uhm, did you even read what I wrote? Less noise and more DR are exactly what I wrote are the benefits of a larger sensor. This of course means that you can get better results when shooting at high ISO or in situations with strong light contrasts, else there will be very little to no difference. And sure, with a larger sensor you also have more options to get a larger FOV or a shallower DOF and you can get a higher resolution and these things can of course also be of benefit in certain situations.

So I've never said that there isn't any difference, why would there even be different sensor sizes if there weren't? My point is that these differences can give you better results in certain situations, but they definitely won't always give you better results.

Sorry, I was trying to convey a little different view in the "not always better result" claim.

That is: if the viewing constraints do not show the difference, then are there no differences?

The OP claims he doesn't see the difference but a larger sensor will always result in "better" noise and DR at the given exposure (at similar sensor technology). as you pointed out. So I think "not always better" is contradictory, imho.

As I said - a bit of quibble and it may well be the distinction without the difference but I wanted to express that "not always better" seems to confuse the camera performance from the photographer performance.

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