Red River - Epson P900 cost of printing

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I think that you will see this soon.....

Gesture wrote:

Time for Canon and Epson to ecotank the fine art printers.

Standardize a few tank sizes and you don't need to have a huge inventory of all these different cartridge models over the years.  Now what will be the cost of pigment fine art ecotank ink, high?

I personally believe that printing is slowly going away.  I shoot some family/friends weddings/events and no one is interested in prints anymore.  Just JPG's for their facebook and smartphones.  In the last wedding the bridal couple asked guests to take a lot of smartphone photos and send photos to them.  They will choose what to keep, if they even keep any!

The bottom line is how many people are out there like us here on this forum that produce prints?   A very small number most likely............................

Bob P.

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