Red River - Epson P900 cost of printing

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Re: Red River - Epson P900 cost of printing

Thanks for the spreadsheet offer but I really have no need for print cost.  As you know I extract Epson OEM VM K3 ink from large format cartridges to use in my Epson R2880, R3000, and P600 printers.  I spent approximately $600 on OEM large format cartridges on Ebay for about 35 sets of 9 cartridge refills (retail value approx. $10K).  This equates to an ink cost of 8 cents per mL.  A 8x10 uses about 1mL of ink so the paper cost is the my main cost variable per print.

I see Red River missed the popular Canon PRO-1000 in the summary table.  PRO-1000 test data is available.  Looks like the Epson 3880, which there are many out there, has one of the lowest print costs.

It's amazing how expired date Epson OEM large format cartridges shot up in price.  I was able to buy  K3, 110 - 200mL carts  3 years ago for $10-15.  Now many are up to $70 - 100, especially Light Light Black!!!!!

Bob P.

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