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maggiemole wrote:

LancashireLisa wrote:

Hi Barry

Thanks for your message. The GFX50R looks a spectacular camera but it is out of my price range at the moment.

Perhaps, like someone has suggested, I need to post some photos so people can take a look. As you say a tripod may help.

I've taken some terrific photos with my current set up but in certain circumstances I feel a little frustrated. For example, I was invited to an exhibition launch where it wouldn't have been ideal to take a tripod. I attended with my camera, the light wasn't low but it wasn't the best - I was taking some photos & the chap next to me was snapping away on the latest iPhone. On the small screens his images looked lighter & brighter. Granted I wasn't comparing them at home on my PC. Perhaps a faster lens with a larger aperture would've worked better than my kit 12-60.

Anyway thank you, when I'm next on my PC I will share some images.

Much appreciated, Lisa

A fast lens is primarily about depth of field rather than light gathering. If you’re not getting enough light at the most open aperture, try slowing your shutter speed . It’s a lot cheaper than an f2.8 lens.

There's a limit to how low you can take the shutter speed. An f/1.2 lens still gathers 2.5 stops more light than an f/2.8 lens (and similar contrasts for slower vs f/2.8), so you can use a shutter speed 5.4x as fast. That could really be the different between getting the shot, and not.

If you're not shooting anything too close, the depth of field is pretty irrelevant.

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