A1 Ibis issues: Final Update.

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Re: Woohoo! The Ibis issue is fixed!!!

f1point4andbethere wrote:

Jojophotomo wrote:

f1point4andbethere wrote:

The A1 firmware just launched today has fixed the IBIS delay issue

It's a night vs day difference, as you can see.

The EVF issue has also been addressed, as well as some other improvements...

The A1 is now truly living up to it's potential as the greatest camera to date!!

Thank you everyone who worked with myself and Sony on this, especially Jojophotomo!

Hooray! Updating my A1 now, so excited to go test it out. And dude it was all you buddy - you did the heavy lifting, and now we have fixed cameras (fingers crossed)! Thank you!

I've been testing it all morning; the ibis is flawless now!

I've also been testing the EVF blackout issue, and it looks completely resolved as well. I noticed a split-second delay where it otherwise would have blacked-out I think, but that's completely workable

Great job Sony!

You know I've been testing for the last few minutes and I still can notice a difference on my A9 and my A1 when the ibis kicks on.  With the A1, it's much, much faster now and mostly resolved, but it's almost like it stabilizes vertically at first and then horizontally after the fact (this when shooting in landscape orientation) which is a little strange to see coming from an A9 where the IBIS is absolutely instant.

I'll post more later...!

Other good news I went outside and tried to get the EVF to fail but I wasn't able to achieve a failure in direct sun.  So hooray, that problem is fixed!

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