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LancashireLisa wrote:

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Would you recommend some lenses to look at?

If I don't go to FF I'm considering the Panasonic12-35 & 35-100 as from what I can gather they would be better for landscapes than the 12-60 & the 35-100 could do portraits too. Possibly also the 42.5 for portraits & a 15mm or 17mm for landscapes (do you think?)

Since first posting I've had a couple of people ask if I do weddings. I haven't in the past but it's something I'd like to do, knowing I have the right kit!

Thank you kindly.

Hi Lisa,

Just a tip - if you do decide to do weddings, really do your homework. I've done a few and have disappointed two couples due to my poor preparation and inexperience. I got better, but after half a dozen, I decided that photographing weddings was just too stressful and wouldn't ever do another. I've also seen sets of wedding pictures which made my two less-than-stellar efforts look wonderful! A list of the 'essential shots' is a must, and don't be afraid to be assertive! Plenty of people on this website who are vastly more experienced than me, though.

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