Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

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Re: Here's one thing I want to try


If only I were a morning person this might be done by now!

There is construction going on across the street, destroying an area of desert I enjoyed photographing for the last dozen years. Here is an image from a test flight.

You see the wash running up the middle of the development? I want to fly a drone low over/into that wash, in places. I particularly want to get some shots of a particular cactus there which used to hold an owl nest.

Assuming I do this on a weekend, or during non-working hours, can I:

You have quite a challenge there, but with appropriate planning, and precautions you should be able to get it done. Just do it when the temperatures are cooler.

a. stand on this side of the big street there and fly my drone across it?

Only fly across the street when traffic allows, that should not be an issue.

With the distances involved I doubt that you will be able to maintain VLOS, and I hope that you will be able to maintain O2 signal to your controller. Of course you can always claim you had VLOS for the entire flight.

Finding an optimal home point closer to your planned flight area might be worth considering. However, try some test flights from where you feel comfortable on your side of the street. Use those to check for range and maintaining signal. That will give you a better idea of the capability of your drone, and build confidence in your flying in that situation. It will be better to do that than to attempt the entire mission cold.

Are you able to access the property, and would you have any trespass issues to deal with?

What would be the approximate range from your intended home point to your target cactus?

b. fly my drone up that wash, keeping mostly out of the bulldozed area?

Again, maintaining VLOS, and signal will be the major issues to overcome. Otherwise, with your local knowledge, and range constraints that should be feasible.

c. do one or more dronie-type Quickshots of a cactus on the edge of that wash? I foresee doing a Helix or Circle that would take me out of the wash and over the construction area.

Monitor your battery levels making sure you have sufficient power for RTH after completing any Quickshots around the cactus. Before starting the Quickshots check on obstacle clearance around the cactus so you can adjust Helix/Circle radius/altitude. As for flying back over the construction area, you should be OK provided you are not interefering with any of their operations

d. fly back home, once again possibly passing over cars on the street below?

Again, maintain battery power for that RTH, and street crossing. If possible start from the construction site side of the street.

A sad end to a beautiful section of desert

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