32" 4k Monitor for Photo Editing - EIZO? NEC? ASUS?

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Re: 32" 4k Monitor for Photo Editing - EIZO? NEC? ASUS?

mlondon wrote:

It's time to upgrade my venerable 32" NEC PA302W.
It is a great monitor, but after using an LG 5k for all non-photo work, its really hard to go back to the 2560x1600 resolution of the NEC.

Using Lightroom Classic for my library, and edit in LR, PS, DxO PhotoLab, etc.
Images are currently 46MP from a Z7II, but looking forward to whatever the Z9 may have in store...

Seems that as of mid-2021 my choices are:
•EIZO ColorEdge CG319X ~$5,700
•NEC MultiSync PA311D ~$3,100
and, much to my surprise
•ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCX-PK ~$4,400

I'm sure that some of you will suggest to look no further than the EIZO, but I'll also be upgrading my computer to a new Apple M1(M2?) 16" MacBookPro as soon as it is released, and according to EIZO's website their monitors are not yet fully functional with the M1.

Is the EIZO that much better than the NEC?

How about the ASUS? It looks to be a highly color accurate monitor with a bit more modern design than EIZO/NEC and has USB-C/Thunderbolt ports.

I should add that I'm NOT printing for exhibitions as I prefer to leave that level of work for my lab.

Grateful for any and all suggestions and guidance...

Well, if you want to be sure of what you see microled/local dimming is not good enough yet (=Asus)

NEC has no support for mac 64 bit like Big Sur.

To ger a clearer view, visit the best testing page www.prad.de (let the webbrowser translate to english), and compare them both.

If you ask them colorists doing SDR movie grading, some of them says that the CG319x could be twice as expensive and still worth the money.

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