Guest sign-in only but never had a password.

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Re: Guest sign-in only but never had a password.

Here's the solution to your problem.
I GUARANTEE that this will solve it.

First, print out this message and keep it for reference. You're going to need it.

OK, this involves several steps, so let's get going.

1. Boot from your external drive. Get to the finder.

2. Download the app called "easyfind":
It's small and FREE to use. A great little app.

3. Open EasyFind. Set it up like this:
Search for - files and folders
Operator - phrase
Comparison - ignore case
Include - invisible files and folders

4. Now, enter in the search box

5. Just below the search box is a popup menu that lets you select WHERE the search will take place.
Select your INTERNAL drive.

6. Now click the small magnifying glass on the right.

7. Easyfind should find it (probably the only "hit" you get).
Now, we need to go where that file is and DELETE IT.
(remember that it's invisible, read on)

8. Click on the line that has the ".AppleSetupDone" ONE TIME to select it.

9. Now, RIGHT CLICK (or control-click) on it and choose "Reveal in Finder". A finder window should open (for the directory "db")

10. But wait! You can't SEE the file, because it's invisible, right?
So do this: Hold down the command and shift keys and touch the "period" key.
This makes invisible files VISIBLE.

11. You should now see the file ".AppleSetupDone" (btw, the period at the beginning of the name is what makes it invisible).

12. Now, drag this to the trash. The finder will want your password to do this, but after you enter it, the file should end up in the trash. Does it?


14. Hit command-shift-period one more time to make invisible files invisible again.

DISCONNECT the external drive and any other drives.

Before you press the power on button, a lesson:
When you first take a brand-new Mac out of the box and press the power on button for the first time, a special setup app runs which gets you going (the first screen that says, "choose your language", etc.).
This lets you create a new account, get other stuff like iCloud and email set up, etc.
Once you do these things, the setup app creates the special invisible file called ".AppleSetupDone" -- and when you boot the Mac every time afterwards, this file prevents the setup app from running.

BUT... We've just deleted the setup app file, so the very next time you press the power-on button, the OS is going to think you're starting over, and present the setup app again.
This will let you create a new user account with administrative privileges.
Once this is done, you can "go on from there".

Doing this DOES NOT HARM any existing accounts or data.
All it does is make the setup app run again.
So... don't be afraid of doing this.

OK, now it's time to press the power-on button and see what happens next.
Be sure to choose the username that you're sure you want.

All this sounds complicated, but it's easy.

Please give this a try.
Again, I bet it solves your problem when none of those other techie guys could!

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