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Re: Dsarkroom?

...and the DSLR is usually a fat heavy pig as well.

Oh I have both kinds- one that is fat and heavy and one that is fat but not heavy.

Actually Nikon makes some that are very light and relatively small- the D3xxx series.  I've been trying to get one for myself to use for hiking.  I also do some bird photography in my backyard with a full frame DSLR and I had the idea to get another DX body to get more pixels on target.  I wasn't sure how well a very light body would handle on the end of my Sigma 100-400, but this year we have no birds so it wouldn't matter anyway.

Back to size- the size of a full frame DSLR doesn't bother me.  It is easy to operate and easy to hold onto.  The weight can be a different story, depending on lens.  The weight of my D750 is fine no matter what lens I have on it.  The weight of my D810 is ok when used with a light lens, but when I put a 24-70 f2.8 on the D810, the combination is pretty heavy.

Now if I was used to using an OM1 with small lens, or an old Leica with small lens, I might think all of my gear was heavy.

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