Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

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Re: Impulsively bought my first drone. Now what?

SethG wrote:

Len-O wrote:

One of my first flights was in over 104ºF heat, and the effect was most noticeable in the video. It seems the extreme heat effects the camera more than the flight characteristics of the drone. Not wanting to permanently damage the camera I limit my flying of very hot days to early morning, or once there is some sort of cool down in the evening.

I would be curious to know if the 104ºF temperature is just because of possible component damage, or whether it's because of reduced lift from the lower air density.

From my experience with the video recorded, I would say that the potential for possible component damage, particularly to the sensor is likely in extreme temperatures. I guess motor damage is possible, but in the brief flight I made there was no noticeable deterioration to flight characteristics.

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