Canon R versus R5

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Re: Canon R versus R5

I think I would look to the reviews on sites like this to see how they assess the focus performance with a view to the particular needs you might have.  When you get to some of the YouTube "reviewers," again, there are competent, steady, consistent sources and some who thrive on controversy and/or superficial but quickly produced attention/click gathering videos.

I'd also be wary of forum discussions at times, they sometimes are hard to figure for context.  There might be what seems to be a consensus that "the focus on Camera A is awful, much worse than Camera B."  In isolation, that may be true, but it may be that Camera A is quite competent in focus, just B is incredible, or, the forum is pouncing on particular situations.

I don't follow Canon but do have and use Sony so can't tell from my experience how well either focus.   Perceived or experienced "problems" get a lot of discussion and argument.  It can be hard to pull the greater picture of how well something performs out of the noise of a "problem" discussion.  You'll likely get different search results if you search on "Canon R,"  "Canon R focus" and "Canon R focus problems."

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