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I posted the following on the equipment forum & someone suggest I post it here too. People have been really helpful so far, so thank you!

I have a Lumix GX9 with kit 12-60 & a Lumix 25mm 1.7.

I take mainly landscapes, city scapes & architecture. People seem to like what I do as I've sold a few prints. I would also like to start taking more portraits & continue taking landscapes. Many of the landscapes I enjoy taking are early in the morning at sunrise or sunset/late afternoon in Autumn & Winter.

There are a lot of lenses in between the 12-60 and 25mm f 1.7 in the M43 format that will definitely give you a leg up on what you are trying to do.


Since you are working in low light situations and have problems recovering shadow information and need more DR and higher ISO options, I am going to suggest you consider FF.

Those are exactly the kind of shooting parameters that larger sensors are better suited for than M43.

I have been an M43 user for 10 years. I have had a boatload of M43 cameras and lenses. I currently have a GX8, GX9, and a GM5, and a bunch of assorted lenses, most of which are the higher end ones.

For what I shoot a lot of, nature, architecture, in good light, M43 is very good. Where it falls down is in lower light, and when I want to work with DOF effects. So I have dabbled in FF a few times over the past 5 or 6 years. I had the first gen Sony A7, and a Canon RP. In terms of the amount of information to recover in the files, DR, noise, high ISO behavior,etc, those FFs were significantly better than M43 when used in lower light situations. BUT. The Sony color science was (and, even with improvements in later generations) AWFUL. The RP was a nice camera, but I just never warmed to it. So, both of them went away, and I have been back in M43 for a bit.

However, I recently added a Panasonic S5 FF in. THAT is a horse of a different color. It has the lower noise, higher DR, great high ISO performance that I missed in M43 format, AND really wonderful native color rendition. In other words, if you like the output of the GX9 in terms of color and native white balance behavior, the S5 will make you a whole lot happier than going with a Sony (or even a Canon). It also shares much of the UI with the M43 Panasonics, so adjusting to using it is super simple if you are coming from an M43 from them.

I rarely rave about camera bodies, but this is the first FF I have had that really is a joy to use, and would be a great option for your usage purposes.

Good luck!


What he said ⬆️

The S5 is stellar!

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