Quick Release Plate Constantly Loosening

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Re: Quick Release Plate Constantly Loosening

IMPS wrote:

The tripod is a Manfrotto BeFeee GT and I'm happy with it overall. Not sure categorization of plate type (G1 or G2) but it is only single screw. I think this is a good tripod for now and fit my price point.

The number of screws on the standard plate is not the issue. Rather it is the number of mounting holes on the lens foot that would matter.

I am not too familiar with the Manfrotto clamp system these days, but I would take a look at some of the long mounting plates they have for video cameras, one of them is likely to work better than the short standard plate.

I think this is generally as case of being new to a ball head and some operator malfunction. As mentioned I was using a tripod with a handle that was mounted to the head, so there was no force or movement against the plate.

I think that you are being too self critical,  the main issue here is physics... namely the torque generated by a long lens and the lack of friction between the short plate and the lens foot.

I  am using a large heavy lens and I'ma little heavy handed in general, so I think having the ball mount not so tight and being a little more gentle with my movement actions would be a good start.

You think the 150-600 is large and heavy... wait until you move up to a 600 mm f/4 prime!! 😉

What you are discovering is that gear meant for typical camera/lenses is often not particularly suited for work with longer heavier lenses and thus more specialized gear is needed for long telephoto work. One of the hidden costs of this type of photography.

That said, do try a little LocTite on the threads, it will be better than nothing and costs very little.

Thanks All

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