Took a few shots today with the 7D

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Re: Took a few shots today with the 7D

SQLGuy wrote:

Renato1 wrote:

The bird shot tickles my fancy,
The colourful flower shots remind me that you are somewhere with really nice weather, and I am not.

Colorado Springs. Weather here is currently a bit cool and with a lot of rain, but we still get a decent amount of sunshine. In general, Colorado Springs has very nice weather.

Just looking at your ten day forecast, lots of nice warm weather coming up. Here in Melbourne, we're about to enter what is usually the most miserable month of the year.
What most people don't realise is that the southern hemisphere has eight more days of winter and fall, whereas the northern hemisphere has eight more days of nice spring and summer. I think that's why  we down here - who's ancestors came from the northern hemisphere - find winter more of a grind. And we have eight less days of taking nice pictures of flowers.

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