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Re: Am I missing something? - see the difference...

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If you never explore beyond Native ISO then you're right, sensor size doesn't make much of a difference.

to some degree but it has to do with a lot more than just the ISO

At ISO12,800 the R5 will put M4/3 to shame.

LOL heck by ISO400 the R5 rocks all over Mft. Mft is best kept below ISO800 to be sure if you expect virtually NO noise. ISO100-400 may be acceptable in most cases without a ton of NR manipulations.

I do notice you've also avoided lifting the shadows, most of the images are under-exposed.

This is where Mft truly falls apart. Lifting shadow will be a mess. You get several stops to work with on a R5.

Shadows lifted in each to 100%. Sky exposure more balanced.

750 x750 crop resize with more shadow lifting - do you see the difference?

Definitely a difference in noise. The R file looks to have a bit of banding in the light transition, but I suspect it would be the same or worse for the m4/3 file. Honestly, I don't think it's enough of a difference if you were to view the full image.

Not sure if it's banding or seeing a bit more gradation in R5 image even with the JPEG shadow lifting. And as it was observed in the 4/3rd forum, 4/3rd does look crunchier.

I personally think this way - if I am not limited to money, size and weight (or invest in more money and a bit more size and weight), why not take the R5 shot that has 2 - 3 stop more latitude in exposure and resolution and DR than 4/3rd.

If the image does not need it, it's not like it's worse than 4/3rd image. And if it was once in a life shot with 2 stop under exposure, you will be so glad that you had R5 and not 4/3rd.

There are good reasons to choose 4/3rd. But, I think and it's just my opinion that the difference is not visible within the constraints is not the reason to choose the constrained system.

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