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Re: GX9 - portraits & landscapes

The Nocticron is an extremely nice lens, if big for a m4/3 lens. I don't think you can do better in the m4/3 system for portraits, or low light.

Personally, I added a Fuji GFX system to my GX9, when I want the ultimate in image quality, and dynamic range, and i don't care about portability. I've got a GFX50R, and the Fuji 100/2 to do the same thing as the Nocticron. The 110 is an amazingly good lens, and makes the Nocticron look weak. I also have the 30/3.5, and 50/3.5, which are also very, very good lenses, and works for most things I want to do with it. This may be out of your price range, given the cameras you're looking at.

The GX9 does a pretty good job of shooting in low light, given it's IBIS is very effective. But if I'm shooting landscapes in low light, I've got the camera on a tripod. Are you sure a tripod wouldn't do more good than a different system?

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