Giclee and other assorted marketing hokum... ;-)

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Keith Cooper
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Giclee and other assorted marketing hokum... ;-)

One of the things I've often been asked of late, with my slew of printer testing is:
"is printer X capapble of making prints to sell"

From my POV, the answer is almost always:
"Yes, if someone wants to buy it"

Much as I personally like to think my prints will be around in 150 years, I have to admit to largely considering much of the 'archival' stuff I read as marketing material for the market I'd like my prints sold into. It's certainly considered that way by paper and printer makers...

How many people genuinely care about their work's archival properties? How much is it something you feel you 'ought' to care about?  Do you feel that by not producing archival prints your work is in some way diminished?

I care about it as a feature of the product I make, but do I really care?
If I'm honest, that varies with the weather

With respect to the 8550 I've been testing, I've this I did after reading some wonderful marketing guff on a printmakers web site

Hope it's of some interest...

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bye for now
Keith Cooper

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