Camera size over five decades plus

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Re: Camera size over five decades plus

a_c_skinner wrote:

Yes, of course and I was just having a Luddite moment! But back to my original which was to put into perspective all the remarks about cameras being difficult to handle, not balancing well with big lenses and so on.

To be honest I found the old Pentax and was simply struck by the similarity of a smallish modern camera and a very average sized camera of the past and put on a lens that was by most people's assessment "equivalent"

When I shot film the lenses I used were much smaller, were slowish primes and tended to balance nicely on a smaller body but they were also inferior to the lenses I currently use. I would have hated to use those film bodies with my 24-70 and 70-200, just like I hate using those lenses on my Nikon V bodies.

I do miss the mechanical build of those old bodies though.

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