OOPs.. I Dropped my P950 :(

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Re: OOPs.. I Dropped my P950 :(

ANAYV wrote:

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ANAYV wrote:

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VadiV wrote:

Hi Anayv,

Good the camera is working .


This photo shows superb details, do you do any RAW processing ?


or just JPEGs from the camera ?

For most detail and when using higher ISO or under exposing a bit, RAW gives me the best I.Q. from this P950.

I use DXO PL4



Your welcome

Stay healthy


I think you did a test or were going to, at which point does RAW processing overtake sooc JPG? I think you found at ISO 100 they are equally good under all circumstances and conditions, at ISO 200 RAW processing is better in specific examples, but it becomes clearly better at ISO 400?

Yes. Pretty much sums it up.

For standard viewing of images, many wont notice the NR smearing.

When pixel peeping, one does notice this.

I like the results I get shooting RAW, so most always I will stick to it.

Having said that, I was shooting Strawberry Moon the other night, changed to jpeg to try out digital zoom....but forgot to change it back

Took out the P950 yesterday and seen a Cormorant, and was so glad...but...shots are all jpeg.

Some at ISO 1600

Sure wish I had set it back to RAW before shooting

Stay healthy


Nikon is good with updates so hopefully the next one will have a raw+jpg option where raw without digital zoom can be taken along with digital zoom jpg, then you wouldn't have to change

I don't think they will address this...at all.

(My P950 is at original firmware)

They rarely update firmware for their non D-SLR/Mirrorless camera's.

I just need to pay attention more

Stay healthy


Have you thought about using the Custom mode as an A/B switch so you could quickly switch between both?

Tha'ts a good idea.

I do that and it works well,

What settings do you switch between, since your P900 does not have RAW?

so you have one set of settings for when you want to use digital zoom and a separate set of settings for RAW.

That would work well.


Stay healthy


I switch between completely neutral JPG settings where where as little post processing as possible is applied and between a much more punchier look with boosted sharpness, saturation and contrast.  I find the former settings are better for no digital zoom and the latter settings are better for use with digital zoom.  Both are set to full manual mode where ISO is 100 by default, so I actually dont do any higher ISO imaging at all.  It's always 100.  One setting has BSS enabled and the other setting does not.

The real customization I did was with my OMD EM10 II.  I did four set of completely customized settings plus a fifth which is used on manual mode by default.  Took a full year for me to hit on how to properly customize it.  I think sometimes a camera can have too many options lol.  One set of settings is for astrophotography, another for birding, yet another for landscape and one for timelapse shooting.  In the main manual mode my settings are for macros.

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