A9 or A7Riv - IBIS+IS, IBIS only, IS only

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Re: A9 or A7Riv - IBIS+IS, IBIS only, IS only

Skromny Tomasz wrote:

Impulses wrote:

Yeah that sounds like rolling shutter distortion from using e-shutter on the A7R4, it's really not suitable for action shots or panning on that body... Even on an A7 the readout only climbs to about 1/30 IIRC. Readout rate will double on the A7R in crop mode but it'll still be pretty slow, just stick to EFCS or full mechanical at faster SS...

For what it's worth, out of curiosity I tried with A7 III and an OSS lens with electronic first curtain, jiggling it around excessively and taking pics,

I don't think it's stabilization at work that is causing the horizontal tilt, no matter how hard I try I can't get it to "horizon tilt" the shoot. And with full electronic shutter the first pic of a serious pan shows exactly what was described here. Given it's a7 III but it also suffers from rolling shutter, no idea how much worse/better it is compared to A7R 4, but it's visible

Skromny Tomasz,

Thanks for trying, but maybe my description was lacking. I don't shake, or try out while shooting wildlife. It would make no sense as a technique, both by creating a disturbance that would drive the wildlife away, and by ruining the shot itself. Any kind of shooting with any supertele, requires holding the camera as close to your body as possible, with the left hand partially extended, to as close as possible to the end of your lens. This is the only way to "point and shoot" or "track and shoot" that actually works.

Now, often enough, and especially with birds, you might find yourself holding position on a target for up to 1/4 hour, before it elects to move or do something, and there is where the tilt comes in (handheld) - it stems from where exactly you are used to hold the barrel of the lens, and is usually no more that 3 degrees off horizon, but it get "stuck in position, even if you notice, adjust hand position and wait for the system to notice and go back to being leveled.

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