A great lens that missed the boat

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Re: A great lens that missed the boat

Richard Murdey wrote:

Thanks for the kind words.

It's really hard to recommend the Tokina against the Nikon 58mm F1.4G. The 58mm is a fantastic lens, I am unable to point to any one specific thing and confidently say "the Tokina does that better". While the list price is $1500 vs. $1000, it seems silly to come this far and then decide to penny pinch. And the Nikon is 1/3 the weight.

The character of the two are rather different, though here again I'd be hard press to articulate how so. If this makes any sense: The Pentax/Tokina is more methodical and deliberate, the overriding sense is of corner-to-corner control. The Nikon more open somehow, less concerned about how good it is.

Defiantly something about the charather of the 58mm 1.4 G thats very hard to explain, until one owns one - I really though id hold onto my Sigma 50mm ART as I didnt think I was going to like the focal length of the 58 - But just found myself not having a need for 50mm, and not wanting take the 58mm off my body...

The fall of from point of focus to out of focus is something different Id hadn't had with any other lens I'd owned before.

Still if I was in the market for a 50mm again, it would be out of the Sigma and Tokina

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