Quick Release Plate Constantly Loosening

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Re: Quick Release Plate Constantly Loosening

Certainly try some blue Loctite on the threads. That will be better than nothing.

I don't know that lens specifically, nor do you mention what tripod head you are using (or more specifically does your head use the more-or-less standard Arca compatible plates).

The first two suggestions likely only apply to Arca-compatible systems where there are many options available. If you have a quick mount system that is proprietary to a single manufacturer, you options will be limited.

Thus, I am unsure if the following advice (based on much experience with long telephotos) will help... but here goes!

1) Get a quick release plate that is meant for your lens specifically. This plate will have a lip that completely eliminates the problem.

2) If you can't get a custom quick release plate buy a generic long lens plate. This will have an adjustable lip that will help eliminate your problem. It is not as good a custom plate but it will be much better than the plate the came with your head.

3) Additionally if your plate and lens foot have holes for a second mounting screw, definitely use two screws to mount the plate to the lens.

Hope this is useful,

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