The R3 will be announced June 29th

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Sounds great but what will it cost? Is it supposed to be above the R5?

Yes, above the R5. From reading on the net many are guessing $6k or more.

Since this body competes more with the A9II than the A1 or Z9, I think $5k to $5.5k makes more sense.

As a person who repeatedly predicted that the R5 would be between $3,500 and under $4,000.00, when most here were sure that it would be at least $4,500.00 and likely over $5,000.00, I am placing my bets on under $5,500.00, maybe even $4,999.00. Why? Because, like the pricing of the R5, Canon understands the market. The only fly in the ointment is saying goodbye to the cash from the 1D crowd that you might believe this camera would ordinarily appeal to. But, they know some sacrifices must be made to stay relevant in the market. And they still will introduce a n R1 next year, with more MP and probably some even more amazing tech (global shutter?) and a R5s with about 80 MP as well. Those'll keep the coffers full and, meantime, bring back some of those sports groups that defected to Sony.

The R3 capabilities will blow away those of the A9II and initially be just a few bucks more costly. You'll see fire sales from Sony on the A9II's very soon, so if you shoot Sony, you will actually benefit from the R3. Who woulda thunk it?

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