Is the 50mm 1.2s worthy despite of how good it is ?

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ovrebekk Veteran Member • Posts: 4,770
Wait for the 85mm f1.2

Some good reasons why you should wait for the 85mm f1.2:

- Waiting is free

- You can use the excellent 50mm f1.8 in the mean time

- Once the 85mm is out you can consider this lens instead. It will offer a different focal length to your existing 50mm prime, and should provide even smoother bokeh than the 50mm f1.2.

- Once the 85mm is out you might have had more time to consider whether you really want/need an f1.2 lens, and if you still want the 50mm f1.2 it might be cheaper

Myself I have the amazing 105mm f1.4E, which is enough to satisfy my craving for buttery bokeh. Getting one of these babies second hand might also be an option.

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