DXO Photolab, Capture One, or both?

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Re: DXO Photolab, Capture One, or both?

i_Coon wrote:

I... didn't, but now I have. Another great tip, thanks! It's an amazing tool that I'll definitely use from now on. I'll probably even start using C1 for portrait now. But the skin tool in C1 still doesn't do what Photolab does with reduction of 'fine contrast'. Somehow that is one magic trick that Photolab seems to have over C1.

Glad it helped, shame about the "fine contrast"

Can I suggest a couple of youtube links, if you aren't familiar with them.

Kasia Zmokla


Scott Detweiler


The first link is from someone who used to do all her skin retouching in Photoshop, but seems to have now moved entirely to using C1.

The second is someone who still does most of his skin retouching in Photoshop, but starts and finishes in C1, where he still does some final tweaking.

I'm not saying either will provide a direct answer, but they may well suggest options you haven't considered.

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