Camera size over five decades plus

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On the right the final iteration of the classic Pentax Spotmatic. Average size for the time, mid 1970s, design goes back to 1964. The Olympus OM1 was smaller and hailed as a breakthrough. Nikons were a deal bigger, most of the rest closer to Pentax. 50mm f1.8 lens. On the left the incomparably better X-T2. Which a lot of people say is a bit small, certainly a lot smaller than modern cameras that attract little comment for being big. 35mm f1.4 lens so broadly equivalent. A comparison I've been meaning to make for a while, and just for interest. If there is a point it is how we forget and how fussy some snappers are when looking for a bigger camera, a grip and so on. You can see why I like Fuji of course.

Digital cameras do their own processing; film cameras don't. So for a fair comparison you should show a darkroom on the film side of the picture.

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