Camera size over five decades plus

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Re: Camera size over five decades plus

I'd love to see a shot of the OM-1 next to, say, a d3500 or similar ASPC DSLR. I replaced a "standard size" Mamiya Sekor SLR with the OM-1 when the OM-1 was released in 1972. I always remember it as being small - almost too small to handle comfortably. And I have size 7-7.5 hands in gloves. But the pictures were great! My follow-on Nikon 8008s was larger and felt better.

Fast-forward to today and a retirement re-entry to photography, and that D3500 feels a little cramped, but the weight is sure nice (for a DSLR/battery these days, that is). Once a camera reaches interchangeable lens size, they all entail an intentional photo session, carrying a camera around by hand. Weight becomes more an ergonomic factor than size for me.

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