Camera size over five decades plus

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Re: Camera size over five decades plus

I remember all that.

I had a Canon FT, as big or bigger than the Spotmatic.  I remember when the OM1 came out, and was followed by the AE-1 and smaller Pentax.  As I recall the AE-1 was a bit smaller but the Pentax was similar size to the OM1.  I ended up with a Nikon FE which was smaller than the Spotmatic but not as small as the OM1, maybe like the AE-1.  Lots of people were interested in the OM1 and I would have liked to have tried one.  I don't think I really was looking for small.

Now I'm using a D750 and D810, which are pretty big by any standards less than medium format.  I don't mind the size, it makes the cameras easier to use.  The hand grip makes a big difference, the older SLR bodies didn't have those.  And newer cameras need a lot of outside surface area for all of the dials and buttons and screens.  For most use I'm fine with what I have although I've had some interest in getting a smaller/lighter body for hiking.

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