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I’ll give you my honest opinion.
I gave up wedding photography after 15 years two years ago (but I’m now re-launching) and consequently sold all my gear when I did this.
Since then I’ve been dabbling with different cameras, I only own one currently… a Ricoh GRIII. I did buy a Fujifilm GFX 50R used but sold it a month ago.
However, in April on a whim I bought a Nikon Z5, there was a brilliant deal on here in the UK and I got it with the 24-70 f4. It felt wonderful to use, very well built and had great ergonomics. But as the light dropped the AF was beyond awful. Also the EVF turned into complete mush as the light dropped. I have in my life only ever used single point focus, I had no time for any other way in the midst of a wedding. Let’s just say the GFX was so much faster than the Z5, at around 60th f4 3200 iso the Nikon barely if ever locked on to anything and if it did honestly it could take around 3/4 seconds, the GFX was like a Ferrari compared (the single point AF of the GFX is pretty good though, contrary to popular opinion). I shot them side by side for an hour or so and in a nutshell the Nikon’s AF was as useful as a chocolate teapot.
I was actually flabbergasted at how bad it was.
I sent it back and it has put me off buying into the Nikon Z system ever again, even though I’ve heard the Z6/7ii’s are decent.
I would not recommend the Z5.

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