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Re: Laziness distorts the past

Fotoni wrote:

Pretty much everyone shot black and white even though there were color options. Probably because it was easier and more available. Then there are those rare persons who wanted the best and it shows even today. I did not include prices because all cameras were very expensive in that time. Hard to believe they wanted to save some bucks by going black and white.

The strange thing is that the modern cameras are better than ever, but majority of photos are shot with a phone and even worse are those automated image "enhancing" features which produce just muddiness and artificial details. It is like someone used bad textures with their computer graphics. They drift further from the traditional photography, I would call it hybrid photography or something. The amount of processing is so noticeable.

Old photography is very pleasing when in color. They show the world instead fantasy.

Photos from Box Brownies and similar consumer cameras were really not much good. These are what have been replaced by phones, which at least solve two big problems that consumers had: the lack of colour, and the inadequate depth of field.

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